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Provide a safe, healthful, and environmentally responsible emergency response system.

Promote teamwork and support our staff with adequate incentives to attain superior performance.

Meet or exceed local, state, and federal emergency service agency standards.

Use a progressive operational model to facilitate superior service levels and administrative controls within available resources.

Actively recruit the best qualified persons without regard to race, color, gender or creed.

Proactive and open communications within the organization, the community, and related organizations.

The Mission of CESD is to be a leading emergency service organization meeting the needs of our community in fire prevention, fire suppression, rescue operations, and emergency medical first response.

The Vision of CESD is to utilize and improve the skills and dedication of our people, constantly improve operations and services, and assist similar organizations upon request with available resources.

Station 11

CESD has these Values:

Mission, Vision, and Values